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slider card

I made this slider card as a gift card holder for a recent wedding. All cuts are from sweethearts cart (including the whole card). I showed it to DH and he was actually impressed. Like he went "That's cool! How did you do that?" I have NEVER gotten that reaction out of him before:D

Inside with the card slots.

Another quick card that I made.

I have quite a few pages that I need to get pics of and get uploaded. I have been doing 1-2 LO's a week and am VERY happy with that progress!

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So cool!!!!! Very pretty.

Love the skunk Smile

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What a beautiful card Lena! I would be thrilled if my DH commented on my card too. Love that skunk also.

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those are cute. that slider card is awesome!

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that's an awesome slider card! I never think to do cards like that, totally need to give that a try. Wink and the skunk is super cute. That's great that you've been working on your scrapbooking so much this summer. wish I could say the same ...