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slow... (ot)

is really slow this morning or is it just my computer? I am waiting forever for pages to load and even longer if I reply to something.

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It has been slow for me as well but my computer is not the greatest at the moment.

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I have a pretty decent computer and is slow for me almost all the time lately! It is why I rarely post. Half the time I give up before I get through a couple posts it takes so long to load, I have to click on a page and then get up and do something and come back to read it!

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takes me about 10 seconds for a page to come up but about 15- 20 if I reply.

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Yes, slow - this is the first time I've been able to connect all day. I've tried checking the host forum but it won't bring it up - but I know there's been problems recently and they're working on it.

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Rob just bought the newest Mac computer and it is pretty darn fast on other sites, but this one seems to just take forever...

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It's awful! I've been waiting and waiting for pages to load. I can't hardly reply to posts. Sad

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I haven't been on the host board in a couple of days, but it's been an ongoing problem this month and I'm pretty sure they're workign on it.

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there are a stupid number of bandwidth eating ads on here these days that are slowing it up. They try to act like that's not the problem but it seems pretty obvious.