slowly getting the hang of this

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slowly getting the hang of this

that to still carry out everyday tasks and not spend all day scrapping. lol. Good thing I work Monday - Friday 8-4 or I'd be sat in the house all day. lol...I'm getting the hang of it though...for instance...floor needed mopping and need to clean out I gave the floor a good scrub but scrapped while it was drying...can't clean out the cupboards with a wet floor! I know I could've changed the order but I needed my scrapping fix. lol

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LOL, you go girl! That cracked me up!! You've got your priorities in order. Biggrin Sounds like me.

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Yep. I always find an excuse! Lol

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I know what you are talking about. I try really hard to have a clean house before I scrap. I feel so guilty trying to scrap with a messy house. I make a to do list, fly through it as fast as possible and then try to scrap before the baby wakes up. lol

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Please give me some of your scrappin energy!!! I will give you my cleaning energy! For some reason I am just in a funk. Ugh, I have only made a total of 7 pages...EVER! At least for me. I tend to make more for other people. Smile

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LOL - I use scrapping as a reward...helps me fly through the stuff I need to do. Sometimes I don't do as good a job as I should, but at least it is finished!

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Lol I'm SO there with you. Sometimes I have no idea where my day went... my addiction doesn't help either!

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Me too! Then I wonder where all my time went. ?? haha,!!!!! Lol

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I feel ya!