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I am trying to work on these two challenges and I just can't get in the grove.

We have lots of celebrations I could scrap about (Karl's first b-day and a year full of holidays), but I am having such a problem narrowing down pictures...

Hopefully something will click soon!

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I'm right there with you, went on holidays and lost my scrapping groove! Sad

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glad i'm not the only one:)

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Have you tried browsing online galleries? That usually inpires me right away! Hope you can get your groove back.

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LOl when i lose MOJO I usually sort my stash. Usually by the time I am done I remember something i was a gonna do and do that...

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will have to check online and do some more sorting (I organized my space last weekend, but not my supplies!)

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I'm with Charys...looking at others work always helps me.

I too haven't scrapped in a while...what with all my traveling this month. Need to get home and get back in gear.