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slurpeegirl13/trina (OT)

Just wanted to ask you how old your LO is in your avatar pic and if that shirt she's wearing came with matching flower pants. My DH picked out my DDs coming home outfit and it was that shirt/onesie with matching pants and hat too I think. We loved that outfit and now it's too small obviously. Smile Just thought I'd share that we both had the same one I think. Smile

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I think she was about 3 weeks in that picture ... that onesie fit her for 4 months! (it was waaaay too big at the pic in my avatar) .. we didn't have pants or anything, just the onesie, and I have no idea where we got it, we got so much stuff from everyone it's hard to keep track of who gave us what. It would be neat to have the whole outfit though!!!