Small Adoption Update

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Small Adoption Update

Just a small update on the adoption situation presented to us by a friend. I've been waiting for contact from the BM and finally got an email today. It wasn't much information on her or the kids but wanted information on us and what our ideal adoption situation was.

I sent her a lengthy email and some pictures and now we wait again. Smile

As I learn more I'll update this post. I'm trying to be optimistic but also have my guard up. Please continue to pray for her and the boys.

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I'm an adoptive mommy of a son from Korea. I know how hard it is to wait and not know. Everytime the phone rings you jump. I got my referral in the middle of a fire drill at work.
Sending prayers things work out.

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Hoping it all works out K!!! KUP when you can!

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All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!!!

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fingers crossed, Kebrina, and definitely praying for everyone involved.

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Still praying Kebrina. Thank you for keeping us posted. :bigarmhug:

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Hugs girl! Will pray for you all.

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Praying. :bigarmhug: Thanks for the update!

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Praying for you and everyone involved.

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Thanks for the update. It is always good to know specifics on what to pray for, etc.

I'm so sorry for you in the waiting game. It would be so much easier to know one way or the other right now. I hope the time goes fast...

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Thanks for the update! I hope it all works out for you and the waiting isn't too terrible!

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I am sorry you have to wait so long but I hope you get good news. Prayers coming your way.

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I'm glad you had even a little contact from her for now. I will keep praying too and hopefully you will know more soon Smile :bigarmhug:

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keeping you in our thoughts and prayers

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I've been praying for you and this mother with these sweet little ones. Its hard to know what to pray so I just pray that God has his hands on this situation. I KNOW, KNOW, KNOW, what you are feeling right now and the wait is bad enough but then stepping into a possible situation is even harder on your nerves.

I pray first and foremost for this mother who is in this situation. Adoption is such a wicked thing in that one side has to suffer for the other to be rewarded. It's a very mixed emotion process. So, I'll just keep praying for you all and that hopefully you will know something soon so your heart won't sit unsettled with the not knowing.

Stay busy! That helps alot.