Small world (sorta OT)

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Small world (sorta OT)

I thought Trina would at least appreciate this since she is on her CT, but guess who my mom is having lunch with next week? Bethany from Bethany's word art!

She has been a blog reader and a fan of her wordart for about a year, ever since I turned her on to digi scrapbooking. Anyway, when Bethany found out that she was moving to El Paso, Texas my mom emailed her (because that is where we are from) and they started emailing back and forth and have been now for a couple of months. My mom is going to El Paso this weekend to visit my brother and his family and while she is there she and Bethany are getting together.

So watch her blog, maybe she will post a pic of her and my mom Smile

Small world huh?

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that's cool! and yes, it's a small world. Smile

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That is a small world! That's awesome! I am sure they'll have a great time! Biggrin

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wow! That's totally cool! i love her blog and her wordart is so fantastic!

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That's very cool!

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how funny is that!?:D

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Very cool. I wish we could all meet and scrap together it would be so much fun.

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Tia, that would be awsome and one heck of a crop party.

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wow, how cool is that?!? Make sure you have her email you pics, so you can post them for us. Wink

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wow! it is a small world!

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That is funny! I'll have to ask Bethany about her - what's her first name?

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

That is funny! I'll have to ask Bethany about her - what's her first name?

Her first name is Pat, and she is from Houston.

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