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It took me about an hour to make that flower so I had to use it! I might find a different photo to put in but I do love this one and it's a very natural smile from my girl. Critique and opinions (good and bad!) are always welcome. TFL

or with the photo in black and white?

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I like the color photo best. and it's a sweet photo! those flowers are very cool!!!!! I totally dig this layout.

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Cute LO! I like the top one best, specially since her shirt matches the flowers. It just looks happier. Great job!

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Like the first one cause those flowers match her shirt so well. It's a beautiful LO and such a gorgeous pic!!

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First one.
That is so cute! I love all the bright colors and how it matches her shirt.

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So cute! I love the tie-dye in color with the flowers...very hippy...haha, but definitely cool. She's adorable!

And I'm jealous that you know how to make your own flowers. Smile

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I like the color photo best and you did a great job on the flower. I think it looks great!

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ok i'm going to go against the grain and say i really love the b&w photo.... for some reason it seems to make the details of your dd and her smile and everything pop bc it's the only thing in b&w

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Love it!! I really like the B/W one, but I have been into b/w lately! LOL! Awesome flowers! And what sweet journaling; so from the heart!

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What an awesome layout!! Love all the bright flowers against the white. I agree that I think the color photo looks better, but I really like the B/W one too. Fab job on those flowers!

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Simply adore it. LOVE the flowers and I like the color pic better.

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I agree on using the colour pic....adorable!

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Thanks ladies, DH likes the colour too so colour it is Smile

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Great job on the flower! I love the first with color, because it matches her outift so well. But the black and white pops too! I definitely wouldn't change the picture couldn't have picked one that matches better! So cute.