A sneak peek

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A sneak peek

I designed Baby J's birth announcement today and my friend came over and helped cut out every single piece of paper I'd need for them. Now I can sit back and slowly work on gluing them together, and it's something I can do from bed if needed.

We ended up going with a 5x7 card for them. I mashed together a scraplift of gaidensgirl and Sarah.

These two...


(and yes, I know this is a scrapbook page...lol)

I'm not going to show you the finished product yet because they still need to be glued, and even when that's done, they have to get pictures on them, which can't happen until after Baby J is born.

So I'm giving you a "page map" version of the card as a preview. That should also keep it an overall surprise for the Christmas Card Swap girls because this is what I'll be sending y'all since I didn't get Christmas Cards out Smile

His stats, etc will be printed inside the card.

Chose a border around the pictures so the card was framed out, and all I'd have to do after baby J was born was print, cut and stick down the pictures and the spots would already be lined up.

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that is going to be so cute!:D

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How cool! That will look good. I can't wait to see it!

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You are so cute (and clever) to have a sketch like that! I can't wait to see Baby J's announcement finished now!

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How neat...you are so organized girl. Anxious to see pics of him and the announcement.

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I'm anxious to see him too. Why can't it be the 19th so I'd be past the 39 week mark and not feel bad about an induction? Wink

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I love the design! Can't wait to see the finished product Smile

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LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see it all done. Smile

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Can't wait to see it!! You are so organized. That was very sweet of your friend to come and help you cut everything. Let the taping begin! Biggrin

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That looks awesome! You're so organized, having everything all planned out Smile

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I'm so bored being stuck on bedrest and knowing how long it took me to get out both Anna's and Katie's birth announcements making them after they were born motivated me to do something now. Helps to know this one is a boy too. Smile