snow = lots of creations and organization
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Thread: snow = lots of creations and organization

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    Default snow = lots of creations and organization

    First of all, Nathan's birthday shirt... (freezer paper t-shirt)

    I used Don Juan for the font and My Community for the train. I was rushing, and therefore, there are a couple things about this that I am not happy with. The train isn't quite centered. I painted the base color on that first, then while it was drying, I worked on the words...I worked really hard to center the words...not realizing that I never really centered the train that well...oh well! Also, there is a smudge behind the front wheel. That said, he will probably only wear it twice (maybe he will wear it throughout the year, but the only times that will really matter are his actual bday and his bday party)

    Next up, not a craft, but creative... Made cupcakes for his class for snack tomorrow. Rather than smooth on the icing with a knife, I decided to get creative and use my Wilton tips and icing gun (much easier than pastry bags!!!) I got that darn icing gun for my wedding shower, and this was the first time I used it

    And finally the craft room reveal...
    view from the doorway:

    right side:

    left side:

    For more close ups and details for all 3 things, you can check out my blog

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    The shirt looks adorable!!

    The cupcakes are amazing. I would have never guessed that was your first time. And what a fun wedding gift!!

    And your room! WOW! Is that the same space you just shared a week ago!? It looks great!

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    the shirt is so cute! Good job.

    those cupcakes look like they were bought at a store! I could never have gotten the icing so perfect.

    Your room looks great. I think that is a great creative space. I love that you have your cricut up off the desk. That is a nice space saver that I am going to have to look into doing myself!

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    first, I want a cupcake NOW. evil woman posting a picture like that. I don't have an icing gun, I've always used the bags. the gun sounds cool ... and the cupcake looks great.

    I think the shirt is really cute! I didn't notice the smudge until you mentioned it. but really, it looks great and I'm sure no one other than you will notice it.

    your craft space looks AWESOME! you really put the pedal to the metal and got a lot done in a short time!
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    You have been one busy lady. Your scrap area looks great and those cupcakes make me want one. I love the shirt.

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    Wowzers!!! I can't believe that's even the same space!!! Amazing!!! Looks so great, makes me want to sit right down and scrap. LOVE IT!!

    Great shirt and great cupcakes too.
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    The shirt is adorable!
    I still think I need to try one sometime.

    Your craft space looks great and I can't believe how fast you did that! I have seriously been putzing at organizing mine for months I finally feel like I might be making headway.

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    So jealous of the scrap space!! LOVE how you have it organized. Yay for you!

    The cupcakes are so cute. I'm impressed that's your first attempt.

    My fave is the shirt though!!!!! It's soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oooh, all of these things look great! Honeslty, you made a lot of progress in a short time on your scrapping area! I'm really jealous of your space (and also happy for you. )

    I thought that was steam the choo-choo was blowing off the tracks! It looks great...seriously!

    Mmm, and don't get me started on the cupcakes. I could eat a dozen. Haha.

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    woo hoo!! your room came out great!! and that t-shirt is too cute!!!!

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