Snow Day

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Snow Day

Debating whether or not to enter this in the frames challenge. If I don't get another layout with a frame done by the deadline, then I'll use this one.

I did a lot of things on this layout, so I'm proud of it. Smile

We had a TON of snow (well, a ton for our area anyway) on March 2, which is late in the year for snow. So of course it deserved a layout.

I used opal glitter glue on the letters and then outlined "day" with a metallic silver sharpie to make it stand out a bit more

and here's the frame

The journaling:
On the second day of March, we got a lot of snow! Andrew and Jordan were happy not to have school, and Andrew couldn’t wait to go sledding (which a neighbor took him later). He shoveled about half of the driveway while he was waiting, and most of the sidewalk – he did a great job! The girls had fun playing in the snow, but Natalie got cold quickly. And Andrew made a neat snow angel! It was a nice snow day, complete with lots of hot chocolate.
March 2, 2009

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i think this is my fave of yours!! i love everything about it!! i definitely think this one should be the one for the frame challenge! its amazing. it has my vote! Biggrin

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That turned out great! I love the blue and white color combo, the glitter glue on the title, the frame...okay, everything! Smile

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PRETTY!! What a cool snow angel pic, I can totally see it even on the computer. GREAT LO Gwen!

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I remember some of these pictures. You captured them well. I love the effect that the frame has on Jordan.... love that blurring of the surrounds so you focus on her. I think the use of the glitter on the letters was a real hit and the photo placement is structured but also just random enough to spice it up.

Can Andrew teach my boy to shovel so diligently? Smile

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Gwen, that is my favorite LO of yours. I love all of it. The frame is perfect too!

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my new fave of yours too! LOVE how you accented the title Biggrin

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Also a new fave of mine of yours. I love the colors you chose - and the titlework is just amazing!

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Oh wow! That is awesome!
I LOVE how you did the title, and the frame, well...just everything!

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Such a nice lo!!! I really love the snow angel pics!

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I'll add to the others: enter it!!!! Wink It's gorgeous girl! I love the bling and sparkles, the frame, the design, etc.

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I absolutely love this LO. I think it is one of your best. Great job. The colors are great and everything coordinates so well. Love that frame.