So apparently I've forgotten how to scrapbook LOL

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So apparently I've forgotten how to scrapbook LOL

Oh my goodness! I was so excited to get back into it as it has been probably almost six months since I have done a layout. First of all I have had a serious lack of mojo and zero creativity. So I finally suck it up and start working on this layout (which I was actually quite excited about once I finally got an idea for it), and it turns out I really don't even remember how to scrapbook! Lol I was gluing on these tiny letters with this big honkin thing of liquid glue, thinking about what a mess I was making, when I remembered that I SHOULD have been using a fine tip pen glue thingy that I have. Ha! And then I went to use my Cricut and I tried putting just a piece of cardstock directly into the mat! ROFL I seriously can't even handle this anymore! Hahaha! And of course now that I finally got the layout done I don't really even like it. IDK why. Weird colors? Lack of white space? And I hate how the title turned out. I thought I was really clever for a minute but I just don't like the way it looks. But oh, well. It is finished. And sorry for the crappy pics but it is soooo gray outside today and I don't know when I will get time to post again so I'm just going to go ahead. TFL!

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You don't like this page? Are you freakin' kidding me? It's amazing!! I love how you were able to get so many pictures on there, yet it still looks really clean.

That is too funny about putting the paper directly into the Cricut, lol.

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I actually love it as well. I can't even begin to wonder what it's going to be like when I get back to scrapping. When I have some snafus I'll let u know for a good chuckle.


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ok you are crazy because his page is awesome! i love everything about it including the title! very nice, its good to see your work again Smile

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I am in the I love it category too. LOL It really is very good Kelly, seriously. I don't think it's possible for you to put something together that's not good. Love the title and the journaling, and all the little extras like the buttons and such. Great LO IMO.

Funny tho about the mess ups. I can't believe it's been 6 months for you...time is a flyin!!!

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I'm also lovin this layout. It's awesome and gives me some mojo.

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I love it too...I love your stuff 99.9% of the time Wink it's a great LO to include lots of pics without it looking too crowded. LOVE this!

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I love it too! You title is cute (I have a page with the same title) and the colors work great!

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I love them as well! I am always trying to squeeze as many pictures on a layout as I can. You do an amazing job of fitting them without making it look crowded! I am always battling that! I am definitely going to be watching for more of your work for inspiration and ideas! Smile

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you're such a goofball! this layout is great, and the title looks really cool!

I'm so jealous ... I need time to do a layout! I probably will have some of the same memory lapses. Lol

It's so good to see a layout from you. Smile

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If that is one of your bad layouts then I would like to see a good one! Wink I love it! Great pictures too, I love the one of them walking away. So cute!

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Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!

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I LOVE all of you lo's! I know what you mean though about how you forget. I had to scraplift myself the first time I re-started scrapbooking cause I could not get a lo done for the life of me. It would look really neat if you could get some straw from outside and break it up to glue to the word MAZE. But really it ia an awesome lo!