So excited! Starting a SB group!

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So excited! Starting a SB group!

I just got a call from one of the ladies in my homeschool group about getting together with her and another lady for biweekly crops!! YAY! The first one will be a week or so after I get back and we will rotate houses and stuff. They don't know what a Cricut is...imagine their surprise when they meet her. Smile I am excited about this as I love a chance to get closer to people and especially through something that is not entirely related to my kids. Smile I just hope these conservative ladies will not think twice about my bottle collection or my DH drinking beer. Smile

I will have to ask as it gets closer for some advice as to what to bring to the first crop as I have never done one.

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That's so exciting!! Crops are so fun and you can get so much done while having a great time chatting with friends. YAY! I'm having a crop with about 10 friends on March 17th. I can't wait! It's going to be all day long.

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Yay Carrie I am so excited for you! You will have to tell us how it goes. We have a scrapbook store by me that has a crop every friday till midnight. They close the store but you can shop while you crop. They serve dinner but the funny thing is they always have Maybe it gets some gals to spend more.

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Tia...that sounds awesome!!! Wine and scrapping...what could be better??? LOL

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Carrie, don't worry about what the others will think. You're you and they'll love you regardless!

Have fun scrapping, having adult conversation, and doing something for YOU! Smile

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How exciting I'm sure you gals will have a blast and they will be overwhelmed with the possibilities if they have never heard of a cricut before.

The only friend I have that I know is into scrapbooking just moved to Alaska Sad so no cropping buddies for me although I am lucky anough to live near a few Archivers stores who hold crops.

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Wow, Carrie! I'm so excited for you!

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That's great! It will be alot of fun.

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That sounds so much fun!!! You'll have to kup on how it goes. Don't worry what they think. We're all human!

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Don't worry about what they think. Biggrin I have to let you know that you made me laugh when you said, "They don't know what a Cricut is...imagine their surprise when they meet her." Lol You will have an amazing time. This one is time I wish I had neighbors.

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Hahaha!! Yeah right Sadie! I have no neighbors either, so I know what you mean. THese ladies will be driving from 15-30 miles away to go to each other's included.

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Oh, okay! That's great that you are doing that still! My sister and I scrap together (we have a crop night tomorrow night! Yahoo ) but that's about the only person I know that scraps. :confused:

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Woot! That's awesome - I wish I could have crops like that! Smile

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