So, I took a HPT and... (XP & OT)

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So, I took a HPT and... (XP & OT)

You really want to know why, don't you? You hovered over the title and didn't find the answer, didn't you? Am I making you crazy by not telling you what's up? Well, I think I've kept you in suspense for long enough. Or have I? I wonder how long I can keep you reading before you just give up. Wink Ha ha ha ha ha! Well, to make a very long story short, AF started last Tuesday and was heavy, as usual, since I have the paraguard in. Sunday I was finally "in the clear" so to speak (a little spotting). Yesterday and today I've been feeling weak, dizzy, and nauseous. I tried not to think about it and thought it would go away, but by lunch time today I was really starting to wonder, so I went to the dollar store, bought 2 tests, took one, and it was a BFN. Dirol I'm still feeling icky, but it feels better to know it's not that. I'm starting to wonder about possible iron deficiency because of my heavy periods. :shrug: I go for my annual pap on Monday so I'll probably mention it then. Until then, anyone have any ideas what it might be?

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Awww! I got all excited then! Lol

Could be a spot of anaemia. No harm in taking supplements i guess. I take Spa Tone and it's just an iron rich mineral water that i mix with fresh orange juice. It doesn't make my poo go weird you see. Smile

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Hmmmm...have you always used paraguard? I was on BC for years before my littlest were born, no problems...but after them, BC really caused me issues. I had a IUD that made me feel preggo EVERY month, took that out straight away, then my BC pills just made me feel awful! So maybe it's that. Just thinking. Smile I hope it goes away soon.

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No idea really. Hope it is just a minor illness.

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oh, that sucks that you're feeling so icky. glad you have an appt around the corner, hope you get answers quick (and that things start feeling better fast!)

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I got all excited there too (even knowing you guys aren't TTC yet) ... no idea what it could be ... end of school excitement?

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I thought it was going to be a BFP post! LOL! Hope your periods start evening out. No fun there!