Sock Cupcake

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Sock Cupcake

I totally stole this from the Cricut board. Although I don't have any of the carts they used so it took me alot of scraps to get the right template for this. I think it turned out pretty cute though.
I gave this to my friend who is due with her 5th in about a week. Some fuzzy socks for the hospital:)

A quick card to go with it. (Using my new texture boutique)

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This is really cute. Nice job.

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so adorable! I may have to use this idea too Smile

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what a cute idea!


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thats a great idea! very cute!!

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That is a really cute idea! I love it. Yours looks really nice.

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what a cute idea!!!

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Wow!!! You made the cupcake holder with your Cricut??? Cool!! Love this idea!

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That is super cute! Your friend is going to love it!