Some Bunny Help Me (and others)

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Some Bunny Help Me (and others)

Got it finished! Smile

Can also post these now - 2 wedding pages (yay for scrapping my wedding, finally!)



And Go Outside


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The bunny page is PERFECT ... I knew you'd pull off brilliance as usual. And I love your gorgeous wedding pages, they are truly wonderful. And the outside page is such a great snapshot of Kaitlyn right now. Jack's just discovering the outside too, and when the other kids are out, he wants to be out too.

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oh my word I LOVE LOVE THESE! the wedding ones almost made me cry!!!
I love the journaling and how you pulled out words and made them bigger-(maybe this is called something)
if i may make 1 small cc- on the last one I might have done white lettering instead of black on the fushia part...

and the easter one is too cute- i love the story too!

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You totally did that EAster picture justice girl! LOVE that darling! Those wedding LOs are sweet, and that last LO is darling.

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Beautiful! I love the bunny one! Too cute.

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Hooray! The bunny page is probably my new fave of yours'!! Just looove it!! Biggrin
And the wedding pages are gorgeous. Love your journaling and design.

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That first wedding page is beautiful. Well, all of them are actually. Your work inspires me. In theory anyway. Smile Maybe I will go through another spurt here and feel like cranking out some more pages.

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Stunning! I love the bunny LO, but my favorite ones are your wedding ones! Absolutely stunning! TFS!

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I love how your bunny page turned out! Your title is PERFECT!! haha..

Your wedding pages are so beautiful! It looks like it was a gorgeous day.

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that bunny one is AMAZING!! just perfect! and i loveee the go outside one. i love that the left side looks like concrete! and the wedding ones are just beautiful! Smile

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Can I just say that I ALWAYS love your work. You do such amazing stuff. I really like #1. The title is too cute!