some cards + birthday accessories + layout

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some cards + birthday accessories + layout

I have been scrapbooking a lot lately!! FINALLY!! I've got my cards done for the swap here, but I can't share those of course. Wink

Here's a birthday card for a friend:

I made 5 of these to send to some out-of-town family along with Miles' 9 month (9 MONTH!!!) pictures. I used Zooballoo for all of the cuts.

I made this mini banner for Miles' highchair (for at his birthday party), you might remember awhile back I posted the matching wall banner I made. And then I made the birthday hat for him to wear.

close-up of the hat:

...and Miles' 9 month layout

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adorable. that hat is great! they sure grow fast, don't they?

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The monkey card is too cute!

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I love everything! I think the first card is my fave...such pretty colors! Everything is awesome though!! Biggrin

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That first card went in my lift folder. LOVE it! The monkey one is darling too. And I've been meaning to say that your pic of Miles is DARLING!! I CAN NOT believe he is one already!! It doesn't seem possible!! That LO is darling!! TFS

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there is absolutely no way Miles is already one!!!:eek: That's crazy!!! You just had him! lol

Your work is great girl. My fave is that first card. So cute!:D

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Ohhhh Miles isn't one quite yet! Biggrin Not until November. I'm just getting everything done that I can now for his birthday party, because I'm funny like that. Lol

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Love the hat and the card!

the 9 month lay out is very cute!
What size do you use for paper?

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"InfiniteCreationsX2" wrote:

Love the hat and the card!

the 9 month lay out is very cute!
What size do you use for paper?

8.5x11 Biggrin

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I love everything, but that first card and the 9 month LO got put in my scraplift folder. Biggrin Gorge!

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I adore your cupcake!! So cute and creative! And the monkey card is perfect. Smile So is your awesome birthday hat and banner. He's going to have the cutest birthday party ever. Good for you getting ahead of the game! November is going to be here in a flash!
And of course I love your have such a beautiful style. So glad you got the time to scrap! I missed seeing your work.

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oh my goodness!!!!!!! i love everything!!! and i love love love that monkey cut!!! and the hat is freakin adorable!!!

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I added that first card to my scraplift folder. Wink both cards are wonderful. and the highchair banner and hat are great! you are so prepared already for his first birthday. LOVE his 9 month layout, it's perfect!

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I really love that first card, I'm amazed by it! And he is so big!