Some cards and a Christmas LO!

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Some cards and a Christmas LO!

I have finished Lyric's first Christmas LO. There is one more i'm going to do after this and then that's it. I didn't have as many photos as i thought i did.

The cards were for my two friends birthdays.

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awesome cards but that layout is stunning ! I love how it isn't the traditional Christmas colours (like I did mine in lol) all goes great together! Biggrin

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Thanks chick.

Oh, i got Lyric's card and letter through the post on Monday. Thank you so much, it's lovely! I love the little silhouette of the birthday girl in the high chair. Biggrin

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Love the happy birthday card.

Very cute layout as well Smile

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Clever idea for a guy's card....stamp the name!
I love the second card! That's the cutest embellishment. Smile

The Christmas layout is darling! I love the colors you used and the ribbon flower is so pretty.

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I love the PAUL card!

I am loving the color scheme for the Christmas LO...not traditional Christmas colors but very girly and still wintry. Awesome!

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I added that first card to my lift folder, awesome guy card! the other card is really sweet, I like that one too.

that layout is beautiful! I love everything about it!

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Your cards are always so sweet and cute Sarah. Love the embellishments you add to them. That LO is stunning!! Love the colors, love that ribbon flower and of course those pics are darling!! TFS

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the pages are beautiful, and the cards are great too!

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Very cool guy card.
I think the 2nd card is just adorable and love the LO. Great work!

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These are great as usual. I loved seeing Lyric's Christmas pictures on her layout! That Paul card is wonderful. I really like how it turned out. Are the girls on the other card a sticker or a stamp?

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I love how you did the photos on the layout! And I really love the card too, the lettering for his name is great!

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That ribbon and bow are so cool, I love the purple/pink/silver color scheme. The cards are wonderful too, that Paul card is perfect for a guy card, they can be so difficult sometimes.