Some cards to share

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Some cards to share

I had to make several cards recently so I thought I'd share them. I never used to like making cards much but now its as much fun as LOs.

Here is an anniversary card I made:

The bride and groom are pop out and there are some glitter accents but it is hard to tell in the photograph.
The quote is:
"Men marry women with the hope they will never change"
"Women marry men with the hope they will change"
inside "both are inevitably disapointed" -Albert Einstein
It sounds like a bit of a downer on marriage but the couple I gave it to are big fans of funny cards and they loved this one.

A thank you card for some boaters:

This was for the purple/gold challenge:

and I had an extra glitter chandelier stamped so I made another similar one:

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Those are really good! I love the purple and gold!

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Those are GREAT Andrea. LOVE the boat one especially. TFS

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Those are lovely, but i do like the marriage one particularly. The thank you cards are really classy. Smile

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Those are great, I love the saying on the anniversary card!

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THANK YOU! I have been stuck on a card I wanted to make for Anthony's grandma but after seeing the chandelier card I am going to make it today!!! Love them all and your handwriting with the dots rocks!