Some digi pages

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Some digi pages

I am not crazy about these, but at least I got a couple more done.
It has been a looooong time since I have done anything.
These are from our downstairs bathroom remodel.

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Those are GREAT Lena, and I love seeing the transformation of that room. Cool window too BTW. TFS

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Very cool, I like all your remodel pages. It's too easy to forget how much work was really put into your home unless you have some pics to look back on. I love the screws "holding up" the pics in the second double LO.

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Very cool pages!

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I love seeing the transformation of your house in your pages! Great job!

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Love seeing your remodeling pages. It is so cool. What a great job you guys are doing on the house. The window looks great. I'm impressed by all of it and your pages are cool.

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really neat...especially the screws Biggrin

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I love how you are scrapping your remodel. The red page makes the bathroom color really pop! great job!

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I love that window you painted. It looks like a very expensive special order window! Great to see these pages that you are keeping up with the remodel! Keep them coming!