Some Firsts Pages!!

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Some Firsts Pages!!

decided to play some scrapbooking catch up last night!!

First Swim:

First Pets:

First Cookie:

thanks for lookin ladies!! Biggrin

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Aww, I love all of them. That cookie one is awesome, I love the title. The hamster one is too cute, I used to have a black long hair hamster like the one on X in that pic. Brings back some great memories. I am just finishing up a first swim LO too.

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Those are so cute!!!

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Great job! Love that hamster pic where his hands are in his mouth. He has no idea that thing is on him does he??? LOL Great LOs

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Those are all cute!

I love all the accents on the swimming one.

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very cute! I love how the title is in the fish! I have to do that.

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Great pages!

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cute!!!!!! the first pets is my favorite, just adorable!

and I love how you scrapped first cookie. Wink

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Those are awesome!! Love the bright colors of the first too. And the cookies one...just perfect!!

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I love the cookie one too! Great job!