some ideas please

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some ideas please

hiya im jesica n a lurker to this board Biggrin ive been trying to get dd first year done for her granny but im kinda running outa ideas n was hoping id be able to find some here... ive already done first seasonal holidays, first holiday (vacation), first bath at home, first time sitting, pretty much all the first that i have pics of... ive done a mummy n me page, daddy n me page, thru the year (a monthly pic)... ive only 20pages n was really hoping that i could get atleast another 10, ive still 480prints that i can put in.... also my die cuter was stolen so i dont have a way of making nice die cuts n the scrapbook shops around me r crap, so im jus lost n tired of using stickers Sad

thanks ladies

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I have to say nice work being so on top of all that! I didn't finish Emma's first year book until she was almost 2!

Let's see...

a page of her with her favorite toy...
one of her with a messy face...
one of her and granny...
a page of her many faces (happy, angry, silly, sleepy, etc.)...

That's all I can come up with for now Biggrin

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here's one...first time eating solids Biggrin first time picking up a toy... first pig tails Biggrin

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You can also do a couple of cute pages as well, they don't all have to be "firsts" if that makes sense. Grandmas love the cute pages.

These may have already been said, but a picture enjoying the outdoors somehow, messy pic, favorite outfit, professional pictures, mommy and me, daddy and me, sleeping in crib, with special relatives.

Oh, and a doctor/stat page is always great.

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Grandma giving him a bath
Grandmas first picture with him
Grandpa/grandma playing with him

My memory book to my mom had just about every picture I had of him and my parents in it.