some layouts...

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some layouts...

I am up way too late scrapping lol. I will regret it tomorrow when Allie wakes up at 7 am. oh well, I had fun anyway. Thanks for looking.





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Those are amazing Angie! And it's about time, lol Biggrin

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i love them all! (of course! Smile ) i especially love the little tickets that you use for dates and such! awesome idea!

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"Pixacious" wrote:

Those are amazing Angie! And it's about time, lol Biggrin

lol I know! Jamie is with his Aunt so I finally got some done! Between him and Allie its impossible right now!

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I love them! I just added them all to my scraplift folder:)
I really love the 2nd one with all the blocks. Great way to use scraps.

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Wow! You were super busy last night! Hope you're not too tired today! I can't believe how big Allie is getting. I really love the color combo in the 2nd one, and the grouping of 3 buttons.

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Your. LOs. rock!! Seriously! Love them all, especially the first one. Your color combinations are sooooo good!! Love that blue flower thrown in there, so perfect! TFS

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Oooh, i love them all!!! I especially like how you put the squared of PP into like a grid on some of them. I've been meaning to try something like that. Smile

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I've always loved your style! The last layout with the hearts is so pretty! Love how you did that. You manage to make me want to take my stamps out everytime you post something. Love these!

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I love your work! My favorite is the blue and brown patchwork-looking one! I'm going to have to remember that one!

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Those are awesome! I want to scraplift a couple Smile

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beautiful!!!!! I added "fun" to my scraplift folder, super cute! but they're all so nice. you really make awesome layouts. come do mine. Wink