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some layouts

I miss this board being active! It's so quiet now.

I have had some time to get a little scrapping done since dh has been off for a long weekend.
I am so anxious to scrap some pics of Luke. I ordered from snapfish this time and am still waiting on them.

This is for Jamie's book

and this is the same story for Allie's page

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beautiful! the last one is my fave of them all. glad to see some pages. I have been busy making other various crafts for Christmas presents, etc. I should post pics of those, but I forgot to take pics of all of them :oops: glad you got time to scrap too!

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I can't believe how many you got done!! WOW! I really like the layout of the last one. I'm looking forward to seeing some Luke pages!

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Love them all but here are my faves. On your first lo I love how you have the little bit of paper sticking out from the edge of the photo. 4th lo her name up the side, and 5th lo I am scraplifting it. The rounded corners with the inking are perfect! LOVE IT!

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these are wonderful! Love the baby & buddy layouts, just way too cute!!! the only child layout is just perfect.

I can't believe you got so many layouts done with a newborn!

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I love the title: Baby and Buddy Smile

Good pages. Love the flowers on the purple and blue page.