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and some more...

Here are the couple of pages that I did in my sons scrapbook. He will be five months soon. I thought I should probably try to catch up on my daughters before I got too concerned with his.

Yes...he was 9lbs 8oz:eek:

I love all of these pics. The one on the right is my favorite though!

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I LOVE the Parker Parts page. That is so beautiful. How did you do those pictures?

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You really do a beautiful job with your black and white pages, LOVE them! oh and my son was also a big baby, 10lbs. 8oz. I feel ya on that one. lol

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I A.D.O.R.E. that last one! I love the collage of all the photos! Well done!

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those are terrific! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last one, and filed it in my scraplift folder to "borrow" when I have the new baby. Wink

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wow, that last page rocks! Awesome job!!

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For the parts page I just took a bunch of picture of different parts of him. Then in photoshop I put them all to black and white and made the layout. I was SO happy with how it turned out (and quite proud of myself)!