Some more of my work! (pic Heavy)

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Some more of my work! (pic Heavy)

I have been looking back at my scrap pages and found these that I really like. I thought I would share:

first time destressing:

Just some random ones

a valentines day present for my hubby

Sorry it is so pic heavy but i just love these pages.

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I don't blame you...I love them all too! I got some great ideas from these pages. Can I just say how much I love your oldest son's hair? Being a redhead myself I guess I'm partial, but it really is so pretty. Smile

I really can't choose a fave.. I love music man and my love. Great work! TFS

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Share away! You can never share too many. Smile And those are really awesome!! I love the Superman, Music Man and Love pages!! WOW!

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Awww, my favorite is the music man one, but I love them all.

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Wow, those are great! I really like the music man page. That's some great chipboard letters!

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Those are great - I love the chipboard alpha too ... My fave is probably the precious moments one.