Some of my LOs

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Some of my LOs

I thought I would bite the bullet and jump right in posting some of my favorite layouts. CC is welcome, I know that I can do a lot better. Thanks for looking!

The empty box is for journaling, I haven't gotten around to it yet because I needed to find out the name of the lady who cut his hair.

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Awwww. Those are sweet. I really like the birthday one. TFS!

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Love the My First Haircut pages! I'm so glad you shared your work with us! Great job on the pages. Smile

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Great layouts. The Monster's Inc. page is really cute.

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Those are great, I love them all!!!

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They're all great! TFS!

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how cute!! how can u put so many pics on the same page and make it look good??

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Great pages! I love the I heart Mickey page! Those are some really cute pics!

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I love the pages, Mickey is my fav!

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Oh my goodness! What cute pages. I love the haircut embelishements and the picture of "boo" on the Monsters page and the disney....

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Those are really great! I really like the Mickey one. Smile

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I love your style! Great LO's!

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To make the Monsters Inc page all I did was print pictures from the internet because I couldn't find any stickers. For the Mickey page my sister who went to school for art wrote the saying out and I just cut it out. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments.

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I love them all but the Mickey one is my fave. TFS

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those are great!!
good job

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Those are great!!! My favorite is the "I love Mickey" LO! TFS

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these are SO CUTE!!! i think my fave has to be the 1st hair cut, but they're all adorable!


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those are nice! I love the "birthday wishes" title, that looks so cool!