some of my recent work

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some of my recent work

5th anniversary card for DH (made this last month but never took a pic)


DH cracked me up b/c originally he was holding the card landscape, and he thought the girl's ponytail was some animal's tail when he had it held sideways...he was very confused Lol

pics of our first big snow (dec 09)

christmas with the ILs (we celebrated with them a week or so before Christmas). designed title, etc. on my gypsy

Christmas with my family

The title is hard to read in the pic, but it says "Christmas Crossing" maiden name is Cross, so this was our Christmas celebration with the Cross side of the family...and DS was obsessed with my dad's train that goes around the tree. Therefore, the use of the tracks and the title Wink Designed the title and tracks on the gypsy (welded a bunch of copies of the track from everday paper dolls so that it would stretch across a whole 12" page)

as you can tell from these 3 LOs, glitter is my fave embellishment lately Lol Loving the gypsy b/c I can design titles, stuff to cut, etc. on the mat on there...then sketch out in my notebook how i want the pics, titles, etc. laid out. then when I have time to sit down in my scrap area, I just plug in the gypsy, cut stuff out, glue it down, add some glitter Lol or whatever else

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These pages are great and love the card. Too funny about DH. Love the play on words with your maiden name. (don't think i could ever do anything with mine lol).

You've really been up to some great work. Glad that gypsy is really working out for you. Thinking when I finally buy a cricut i'll have to get the gypsy at the same time. TFS

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Love the by the numbers card, that's so funny about dh! And your layouts are great! Smile How are you feeling with the new bean?

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What a creative, creative card. It is so cute. Love the LOs too...very cute. Glad to see you using you getting good use out of your gypsy. TFS with us.

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Great work! Love the titles!

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Awesome work! Love the card idea! Very creative!

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

How are you feeling with the new bean?

pretty good other than tired and busy Lol trying to get some home projects done and get DS potty trained before the new little guy gets here. we originally wanted to sell our house before the baby, but that just isn't going to be feasible, especially b/c now that it is less than 4 months away, I don't want to have to keep this place presentable for sale right at the end of pregnancy and/or right after I give birth! So who knows what our plan is with that...but we are still trying to get some projects/repairs done now...and we are rearranging DS's room so they can share. We toyed with the idea of putting DS in the attic bedroom, but it is too far away for him to be up there...and I would feel bad being like "here is your new brother, and now you are banished to the attic" A twin bed will fit in their room, just gotta rearrange and buy a mattress (we have a headboard/frame)