some new cards from me

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some new cards from me


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Karen, those are all great! I think the last one is my favorite.

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Those are great! I used to really love making cards and now I can't find the motivation to do it! Those make me want to make a few anyway though.

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Those are fabulous! I especially like the first birthday one. Way cool

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Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

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Great cards, my favorite is the last one too.

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those are adorable!! i love the last one the best~

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Those are great - the first is my fave, I'm a stripe-a-holic!

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nice! I like the cupcake on the first one the best Smile

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ooooh, so pretty! Your cards are always so personal and beautiful.

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those look really nice!!!! I love all of your butterflies. Smile

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Your dot lettering is so perfect. Wow!

I really like these cards. You always do such great work Karen with what limited supplies you have!

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Those are all great, but the first one is my fav:)