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some new layouts

I never thought I would like dh working nights, but it turns out that I get a lot more scrapping done this way. lol. These are all lift challenges from . I like how they all turned out.

This one is of Jamie and man does it make me miss him being so tiny.

Jamie on his cycle ( which he says like 'sicle') He loves this thing so much lol.

Jamie and my sister.

This one is Allie, not Jamie. It says Bathtub Box, not Bathtub Boy. My sister and Eddie both said "boy, that looks like Allie, not Jamie!" and I said.. it IS Allie and they both said they thought it said Bathtub Boy.

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I seriously LOVE your stuff!
I love the circles on the first one, gonna have to try that.
I also love the third one and how you always use all the different papers. I just never think to do that.

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newborn Jamie is precious and i LOVE that page!! i had to LOL at the Allie page because when i saw it on fb, i totally thought it was Allie and read it as "box" but then when i read the comments everyone thought it was Jamie!

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Angie, these are great! And I totally get what you mean about DH working nights. My DH came home from work early, and I feel like I can't go do the stuff I want to do because he's home. Anyhow, I really love these, and the first went into my 'lift folder - hope you get to see one like it from me soon. Wink

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LOVE all of these, but especially that first one. The way you used the circles is so cool! Your stuff is always soooo good Angie, I seriously love it!

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Those are all awesome. I really love the one with your sister and Jamie. Also love the tricycle one. Andrew used to call his bicycle a sickle too. lol

What cuties you have.

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I'm really wishing i had a circle punch now cause i love that first one!! They're all great though, TFS! Smile