some new LO's

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some new LO's

I had fun with my cricut last week and got some LO's done for my daughter's first year book. Hope you don't mind me sharing. They're pretty simple, but I'm happy with them. And sorry about the size, photobucket isn't showing me if they shrunk or not, so I'm hoping they did.


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love the letters for the title of mum mum yum yum and love the colors of the snugglebug. they are all so cute!

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yay for getting some LOs done!! I love the snugglebug one the most I think. I love how the embellishments match her pajamas. Cuteness!

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Love the circles for your letters. All your pages turned out cute. Helps that you have such cute pictures! Smile

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so cute!!! I love the colors you use. and the "smooches" layout is adorable!!! neat how you did the four photos together on one mat in the first layout.

don't you just love using the cricut? I can't imagine scrapbooking without it now.

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Doesn't it feel good to get some layouts done. They are sooo cute! I love the smooches page. What font is that?

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"melly14" wrote:

Doesn't it feel good to get some layouts done. They are sooo cute! I love the smooches page. What font is that?

I think I used the Cuttin' Up cartridge for that one, in the cartoon shadow feature.

And the "mum mum yum yum" title - omg, that took FOREVER! I wanted the two different colors of paper, so I had to cut out the letters first and then the circles on the other paper, and it was just such a sticky hassle, haha. I used the mini monograms cartridge for that one though, I have to play around with it a little more to figure out how to make it easier.

Thanks ladies! I really am having fun with the cricut. I just wish DD wouldn't have started cutting her naptime in half and then I could get some more done this week Smile

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Smooches is adorable!! They are all fabulous! I love the scalloped frames on the Good Morning layout. make me want to get Cohen's book done.

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Great LOs! You said they were simple like that is a bad thing! I think simple makes awesome LOs too! Smile

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Great job on the LOs! I love the flowers and colors you used on the good morning one!