Some new LO's and .....(Pic heavy and long)

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Some new LO's and .....(Pic heavy and long)

Here are some new LO's I have been working on lately. Some of them I did at a scrap mania I went to. Some I love and one I really can't stand. Wink

This one is not complete, most of it isn't even taped down yet.

Heidi's first time coloring. The title is You Color My World
I cut out the letters in white and then colored them. I was pretty happy with this page

11 Month Olds ROCK!!!

This is the one I don't like at all. I love the paper, but had a really hard time with it, because it is so busy. I have decided not to redo the page even though I hate it, because I spent a ton of time planning it and replanning it.

Cameron's first bath

This page I really like what I had done, because it was simple. Wink

And I got an early Christmas present.......

I really wanted one, and had been watching all the videos online, and joking telling DH everyday that I wanted one. (When DH or I really want something, we always joke with each other and ask for it over and over again. But we usually get it) Well we were at Michaels and we saw the Gypsy, and DH said I know how bad you do want it, so if you want to you can get it. He said he knew that feeling of wanting something so bad. It was very sweet. So I didn't get it right away, but I went back later that day and bought it)

It a really need addition to the provo craft family of scrapbooking items. Smile I am still trying to figure out all the features, but it is so much fun and I have used it several times already!

Sorry this turned out so long.

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Those are great, I love the 11 month olds rock - you've been very busy! I don't know what a gypsy is?

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You've gotten a lot done! Great LOs!

Wow for a Gypsy! I know it stores your carts in one location but what other cool function does it have? Is it like design studio and the jukebox combined?

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The Gypsy is pretty much design studio and juke box together, and it is a hand held device. So when I got it, I plugged all my cartridges into it one at a time to upload them. It took about 30secs-1min per cartridge. Then I sat with DH watching TV, but I was deisgning my next scrapbook page. I used 4 different carts, then went and plugged it into my cricut and cut it all out. Also you can see all the cuts all the cartridges can do. So I could design with any cartridge they have out, but I can only cut with the ones I own. I am loving it so far. Smile

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Love them all! My favorite is the coloring pages. Love how they turned out. Good job on the titling.

Saw the gypsy at Michaels, was wondering who in this group would get it Wink

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I love all the pages, you did a great job on each one! Congrats on getting the Gypsy, I got it before it even came out on HSN, we found out on the Cricut boards that we could order early and use a coupon so I got it for about $250 with flex pay. I love it but haven't been able to play with it a whole lot.

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That Gypsy thing is crazy! I have never even heard of it! (Mind you, I don't have a Cricut but still! lol).... congrats on that! Very neat Biggrin

I am loving all those pages. Good work!