Some new ones from me...

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Some new ones from me...

Well - I was actually in the hospital for a week with a bad case of pancreatitis - but the first few days I felt decent, so I got some scrapbooking in! Good thing I remembered my laptop! Some of these are not quite done - but thought I'd share anyway...

This one I want to replace the frames with a polaroid thing, and a filmstrip...

This one I'm not happy with - but I don't know if any embellishments would add anything - but I can't figure out how to frame the smaller picture, or the journaling - I don't like how it looks now...

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those are all good!!

1. i have the same kit!! love how you used it!!! love the bright colours in it Smile
2. love the buttons and the ripped paper... the writing on the right is a bit hard to read though.. maybe put a solid colour underneath it?
3. that is a great layout!!!!! Smile wouldn't change a thing Smile
4. i like this layout because it's different!!! Smile maybe a lighter frame around the little picture? i don't think it needs embellishments because the picture is soo much a part of the layout!! Smile

hope you're feeling better!!!! Smile

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wow, busy time in the hospital. I hope that you're all better now.

very cute layouts, love the silly one.

for the last one, can you put the journaling on "vellum" so that the picture is faded beneath it and the words stand out more? I agree with Delia, I wouldn't use embellishments on it though.

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I agree with the PP. I really like the 3rd one. You don't see that done often! Silly Emma couldn't not be any cuter! Well done!

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Great layouts! I especially love the Silly one, that's adorable.

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Those are great LO. I think everyone has given you good suggestions but I wanted to say I really like them. TFS!

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Great job - I love the buttons on the second one, though I agree the writing is a bit hard to read. I actually really like the Blarney Castle one - it is nice and simple and focuses on the pictures.

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Nice. I hope you are feeling 100% soon. Great work on the bath LO. I love the duck!

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Ha! My birthday is July 18th too. Wink Good day! Great LO's! I love the first bath one.

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WOW Those look amazing! I LOVE the red wagon, outifits, & elements, and how the castle takes up the whole page like that. Really nice pages! I hope you feel better soon!