Some new pages

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Some new pages

These are the pages Ive done the past few days. I just got the last two done tonight. They are from our trip to Long Beach a few weeks ago. The 1st is my favorite.

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I love the cowboy page- that is just too cute!

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AWWWWW!!! Its times like these when i wish I wasn't done having children LOL (then it goes away :P) What a cute little guy! He reminds me of when my little boy Gage was that age. Those pages look AWESOME!

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those are good!!! Smile i love the colours you use for the frames.. makes the pictures stand out great!! Smile

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Wow, those are great!! I love the elements you use. And of course the pictures. Adorable!

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great job!!

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Very Nice!!

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Awesome! That's really good.

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Great beach pics! It looks like you had a great vacation!

I really liike those cowboy stickers. Are they Bo Bunny??

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Your son is just too cute! I really love your color choices on your pages.

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I think the stickers are bo bunny.

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those are great

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Those are great, I love the first one, too cute.

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OMG, how did I miss these? I am not sure but they are just ADORABLE! I am sooooo jealous of your cowboy stickers. I need them! You did some great LOs! TFS!

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terrific pages! love your "cowboys don't bathe", too cute! and I love how you did the offset matting on the beach page, I need to try that!!!

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Wonderful pages!!
The first cowboy one is to die for!! Biggrin