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Some new pages

Here are my latest layouts. I want to do a montage for each month of Walt's first year. Do you think these are too plain? It was kind of a "gray" time in my life (my son was born 10 weeks early)

If you can't read it, the journaling says
Those first weeks are a blur. 3 weeks in St. Francis, one week in Bromenn. We spent many hours watching Walt through the isolette. If it was a good day we got to hold him, feed him and change is diaper. But truly, the time passed quickly, and we were just so thankful he did so well. A few problems with an immature gut, but other than that, no real issues. After only 4 weeks Walt was breathing, eating and regulating his own temperature.

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I think you did a great job! Not too plain at all!
I love the way the journaling strips look.

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Kirsten --

It's perfect sweetie!!!

And Walt is such a trooper and fighter.

The pages are gorgeous!

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I really like it - I love how you fit several pictures on that first page - but it doesn't look cluttered at all. My favorite picture is of your DH peering into his isolette on the second page, though.

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i really like it... honestly (not that i ever lie to you all Lol

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those are great!!!!! perfect! not too plain at all! love the journalling and how you placed the pictures Smile way to go walt!!!! what a strong boy!! Smile

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It looks great! You did such a nice job of incorporating all the pictures. The lighter background keeps the focus on the pictures, etc. It looks very nice.

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I love them! They are great!

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love it

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Good Job!!

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WOW Those look amazing! I love how the pics really stand out & the journaling strips look great! 10 weeks early - amazing!

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Well done! I think you captured those "blurry" first few weeks very well!!

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I don't think it's plain at all! It seemed to really capture those first few weeks, which were so different than the first few weeks for a new mom usually. Sounds like he was quite the trooper!

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How precious! I think it's perfect.

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I think it is great. That is the whole point of scrapbooking. You make every detail have a story. Great job.