Some new pages...

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Some new pages...

I can't remember which ones I've shown you girls here, so please forgive me if I've shown these. Smile

The first two are for my CT (I used one for the party challenge)

These are for the first 3 weeks of my Project 365

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

And my 3rd page for the DSA Scrapoff contest... yes, I decided to stay in - just for me.

As always, the pictures are linked to my blog for credits and thanks for looking!

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Awesome pages! I really LOVE the last one the best, specially how she's crawling out of the picture. Well done!

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Nice pages!

I love how she is crawling out of the picture in the last one. I may have to upgrade my program this year so I can do that I don't think the program I have will do that.

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Carrie, I love all these but I have to say I really enjoy your 365 pages. What a neat idea!!! Just scrapping everyday life as it happens. Good job! I really love that last page too, one of my new faves of yours! It's so sweet and so well put together. TFS

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awww I love how the last one has the picture cut out and popping outta the frame! that is just too cute!!
and i just love the colors and LO of week 2!!!
great work girl!!

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So cute. I really like the last page.

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Very cute! i love the last page with her crawling out of the picture.

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These are so good. I love the January week 3 layout the best. I love the colors and I love the snowman!

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"gaidinsgirl" wrote:

These are so good. I love the January week 3 layout the best. I love the colors and I love the snowman!

I was gonna say the same thing. Love the cuteness that little snowman adds! Wish I had started a 365 project...maybe next year!!

Oh yeah, also like the very top page a lot. Very cute!

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I love that snowman too! (did you actually get snow in D/FW??) And you did a great job on the OOB photo!

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Trina - we sure did get snow! I think it was my first white Christmas ever this year! While we haven't had snow yet in January, it's only been because of lack of precipitation. We've had plenty of cold weather. Of course, we've also had several days with highs in the 70s. Smile That's TX for ya. High tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 60s and Thursday we're expecting icey roads. Go figure.

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These are super!! I love how you are able to fit so many pictures on each page without them looking cluttered. I have such a hard time with that. And your partial extraction on the last one rocks!! Great job!

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great pages! love the banner in the first one - I always love birthday pages. and it's neat to see your 365 pages (I still haven't decided for sure how to handle my 365 pictures). love that last one!

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Those are all great! I love the colours and style on the last one. I would love to do a 365 project but I'm so far behind on scrapping that I'd have no time. Maybe next year Smile But I think its a great way to document the year!

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The weekly page idea is great, I meant to do a 365 in photos again this year (last time I tried was 2008 so it lasted until rhys was about a week old lol) but I've already lost it and it's not even the end of january! I love the bright colours and business of the birthday ones and the last one is just precious, I like the colours and texture in that one.