Some pages :)

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Some pages :)

All images are linked for credits.

This was my nieces during their month in the hospital

This was the first time Andrea met one of the twins

I had a really hard time scrapping the pictures of my nieces because there were so many awesome ones, but I didn't want to make a book worth of pictures of them. Thus, I ended up with some pages with lots of pictures on them.

These are the two pages I made for the Scrap Orchard contest. I had trouble picking my favorite to submit.

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Ooo! They're all lovely! I think the ones with loads of pictures are nice - not cluttered looking at all! Smile

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wow you have been busy! I love how you added so many photos to the 2 lo's. I have to lift that!

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Great job with the multi-pic LOs!

I LOVE the ones you did for the scraporchard contest! I especially like the elements you chose -- very cute. Smile And I love the little wave element on the bottom page. Smile

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All of the LOs are great! I love a lot of pics on my pages and you did a great job fitting them all without making it look cluttered!

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oh your neices are just precious! I too love the layouts with a lot of pics on them! Especially that third layout. And I really like the one you submitted to the contest...good luck!

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They're great! Love how you fit so many pictures on them ... your nieces are so pretty Smile

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Wow, you've been busy huh? Those are all really good! I love that pic of your sister in law holding them together in the wrap. So sweet! Wish I could see it bigger. Smile

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fabulous pages Stephanie Biggrin My fave is the Auntie's house one Smile

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you go girl!!!!!

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wow! lots of great pages! I love the ones of the babies, and think it's awesome that you fit so many pictures on them. Smile and I really love the last two layouts, those are great!