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Some pages

This is the page I made for last week's CT team competition. I've finished this week's but not posted yet, can't wait to show it to you. I was really happy with this one:

These next ones were all trial versions for this week's competition. (has to be based on a song). None of these are my actual submission or even near it).

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WOW! I love that first one! Great color selection! Her blues really do stand out! So beautiful!

I also really like the blended page... i am a HUGE fan of that technique, and yours looks awesome!

Can't wait to see your song submission!

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You have been a busy scrapper haven't you? I LOVE that first one's beautiful as is Andrea. I just can't get over how pretty she is. I love the circle one too. So sweet!

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The circle of life layout just stands out to me because I've never seen that song on a layout and the way you tied a cirlce into the layout was perfect. All of them are really good though Stephanie!

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those are fantastic! cant wait to see your 'real' submission! Love the extractions in the second and 4th ones. Smile

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Great job Stephanie! I love them all, but the cloud one is my favorite!

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The first and last page are my faves!!!!

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That first one is so beautiful but that last one is just gorgeous. It really is. I would have submitted that one without hesitancy.

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Thanks ladies, you are all so sweet.

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These are great! The first one is so pretty! I love all of the blue; her eyes are gorgeous! The Circle of Life one is beautiful, too. Great job on all of them!

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love the blue eyes LO! its adorable! and the other LO's are so fun!! Biggrin