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Some pages LOTS

I havent posted pages in a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time. But I finished these last month before Zylin's big B-day so I would have something to show for the year Wink But unfortunately they are all of LAST year, cause Im still not caught up on pics from last year and refuse to print more! Enjoy!

This one is my fave

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It looks like you have been busy. I so need to get to work on Madison's books. I think your pages look great. I really like the layout on your "curious" page with the 3 pics at the top.

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I also love the curious page LO! And I like the offset mats on the first one.
They're all great! I like your style Smile

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I got sooo many great ideas from you!! I love how you don't have a lot of extras on your pages, yet they look so full and great!! TFS your creativity and great LOs with us!

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I love the first page, the way you backed the photos, really makes them pop. They are all great!

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Wow, you've been busy! My fave of the bunch is probably the first halloween page you had posted there, sooooo cute, and love that background paper!

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they are all pretty stinkin cute!!!!!

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wow! You've been busy girl! Great pages! Again, I like the "polaroid" look of the picture in the second layout (halloween) and journaling beneath the photo. And I love the Bugs pages. Smile They made me smile. Your titlework on My Favorite things is really good too.

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I really like the page with the treasure chest, great work on all of them and congrats for getting so many done!!

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Those are REALLY great!!!

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Sometimes it takes an event to get us to really scrap a bunch of pages. Good job on getting a bunch done!

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So glad to see your coming back. Great job on all of your pages!!!!!!!

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Those are fabulous!! Really, they are all so perfect for the pictures. Very creative and unique.
Thanks for sharing!!