Some recent cards

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Some recent cards

I got bit by the card making bug this weekend. I've been doing them while Patrick is watching TV. I can't use the cricut while he's awake cause otherwise I have a helper on my hands pressing all sorts of buttons.


This one I made but I just didn't feel it was complete until I put the happy birthday part on it (used Base camp cart)


This one I wasnt to put something on it, but it's so busy already I'm not sure. What do you think.

This is my favorite. I was looking through some unused stickers and I saw this and suddenly I just got hit with inspiration for a baby boy card.

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aww cute! I love the 2 to last . Those colors are awesome. Also that baby one is adorable! May I scraplift please? lol

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Very cute!! I also love that baby one.

P.S. Your carpet looks so comfy. Smile

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Karen scraplift away. Can't wait to see your version of it.

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I really like the second card! The ribbon going through the button was a nice touch. Great cards!

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I agree, I like the button on the 2nd one. You did a great job. I understand the little helping hands that aren't so helpful!

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too cute!!!

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Very cute. I have that "boy" sticker too and never knew how to use it...Might just have to lift your idea! Smile

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I dont scrap alot when mine is around either, otherwise I get alot of stamping when stamps werent even in the plan Wink

Very cute stuff!

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Very cute!

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Those are cute! I love the bright colors.