Some recent layouts

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Some recent layouts

I know I haven't been around much! I did get a few layouts done in January and the beginning of February, but I never got around to sharing them so I figured I would do that now. I would really like to get back to my page a week goal, so I will try not to be a stranger! Smile

A really quick one for me! Just threw the pictures down, no journaling. That pretty much NEVER happens, but I just didn't feel the need here.

Our trip on the Polar Express in December. Had a hard time narrowing down the pics so ended up using way too many...

And again with the little pics...I have totally OD'd myself on them. After this one I was SO SICK of those tiny little pictures! LOL. I need to do some one or two picture layouts for a while to clear my brain. Way too busy!!! Lol

My kids can always sweet talk Grammy into letting them make a big mess Biggrin

DS's special gingerbread day at preschool - he got to take DH with him so it was like the coolest day EVER!

Lindsay's first time at the movie theater. Smile

And just for fun, here is an old one that I found while I was looking through my finished pages to see which ones I needed to share with you. This is from sometime last year and I may have already shared it, I really can't remember!


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I LOVE that first one!! You're right, no need for journaling. And I'm totally scraplifting this one. As for the Polar Express layout, there's NO SUCH THING as too many pictures. Smile Love it! I really like how you put the photos just in the center on the Wiggles layout. Looks like a fun time there too. The Mess layout is downright ADORABLE!!!!! How did you do the white "tracks" on the gingerbread layout? (I can't tell exactly what they are). very cool. Look at you taking pictures of Lindsay's first time at the movies, I never thought to take pictures there. And that last one ROCKS! No, you haven't shared that one, I really love it!!!! "love you punches", that's great!

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I love, love, love these! I adore all the little pics. How do you print them so small? They are all going in my scraplift folder!

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I LOVE EVERY LO! I love the little pics and the pattern paper blocks along with the journaling strips are just perfect! I love when you post your pages so keep them coming Smile

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great job!

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

I adore all the little pics. How do you print them so small?

If you use Picasa, you can select four pictures and make a collage with them. Then you just have the collage printed as a regular 4x6. So you get four little pictures for the price of one. Ha! I am such a cheapskate!!! Biggrin It is nice for when you have lots of pictures from a vacation or party or whatever. I used to have so much trouble fitting them all on a page, or even two pages! You can see I have a major problem narrowing down my picture selection. Biggrin I learned that tip from Gwen and I have LOVED it!

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OMG!! Just what I needed to get my mojo going, some Katie pages!! LOL I absolutely adore your work...and these are no exception. That first one has to be my fave. Just love how it's all jumbled yet so awesome all at once! So cool!!! That last one is really neat too. Did you make that background page yourself or it is premade? It almost looks like paper bags...just curious. Great LOs girl! Thanks so much for sharing.

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these are all AWESOME Katie!!! The first 2 are great multiphoto got so many pics in there without making it look crazy and crowded. Thanks for giving me some scraplift material Wink

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

That last one is really neat too. Did you make that background page yourself or it is premade? It almost looks like paper bags...just curious.

I made that last background. I took two sheets of kraft paper and I cut one sheet into lots of little strips using different decorative edge blades in my paper trimmer. If I remember correctly it took almost a whole sheet to make enough strips for what I did. I had seen a similar LO in a magazine and had to try to recreate it! You know me, the queen of scraplifting. Biggrin

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You did such a great job of making different layouts all with lots of pictures. I'm really, really impressed with all of those. And your last "paper" is amazing.

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