Some stuff i made...

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Some stuff i made...

I've not been on for a while, to i thought i'd share the stuff i've made lately.

Oh, and sorry for bumping up old posts if that's annoying. I just wanted to have a catch up! Smile

Okay, here's that tri-shutter card i was asking about the other day. It was for a friend's wedding.

This was for a friend's son's Christening.

These are some mini books i made for my dad and for DH's dad for father's day.

My dad's book.

DH's dad's book.

aaaaand lastly, a LO. Smile

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Beautiful!!!! everything is beautiful!! great job!

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Great job, LOVE the brag books!

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love love love the brag books! the card turned out AMAZING!

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I gave up when I tried doing one of those trifold cards. I really need to try again. yours looks great! and I love the christening cards. Those brag books ROCK! I bet the grandads loved them!

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The card is amazing! Those brag books are awesome! (Love the Snow White outfit!) The layout is gorgeous! I love all the texture you used!

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It all looks great! I really like the brag books

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Wowzers!!! I love it all, but that LO has me in awe!! How beautiful! Do you use something for inspiration to come up with a LO like that? HOw beautiful totally! TFS

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I love the cards and that brag book! The photos in there are just amazing! The lo has to be my favorite of everything just perfect!

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Ok...those are all AMAZING!
The card and LO are my favorites and they are both beautiful!
Those brag books are really cool too though!

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Oh. My. GOD!!! I just typed out a proper reply here and it got eaten.


Thank you, you're all very kind


I get a monthly kit with matching stuff in it, so it's kind of cheating, but that's where my inspiration comes from. Smile