someone new :)

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someone new :)

hi everyone!! i'm delia and i'm from the january 2006 board!! kelleanne has convinced me to come out of lurkdom and start to get involved here Smile

i have a daughter jeena (16 months) who doesn't mind her mother taking millions of pictures for her Wink so i have lots of pictures to work with and i like digital scrapbooking way more than doing it on paper!!

i have a really old and slow computer and it seems to crash everytime i start a big program to do any scrapbooking... but i want to do more and will slowly continue on!! Smile

here are some pages i've done on

i need to learn how to make them more artsy and scrapbook-y looking!! Smile

hope to get to know you all here Smile

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Yay!! You finally made it over here! Smile
I really think your pages are great and I am going to pm you some places where you can get some freebie.

Now tell Sy I said to get going on that new computer! Wink

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Your LOs are so nice. I love them.

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hi there! nice layouts Smile

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cute LOs and Welcome!

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Hi Delia!! Glad you found your way over!!!

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I saw quite a few "artsy" layouts! Great job! Glad you joined us.

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Welcome! ANd great job! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one "in a posing mood". I'll have to remember that one.

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Welcome and your pages are great!!

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I am new here as well! Great layouts. I think you are doing a wonderful job!

My name is Sadie. I have one DD-Ruthie.