Is this something scrapbooking mamas would be interested in?

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Is this something scrapbooking mamas would be interested in?

Hi, I know I don't usually post here but recently a lot of my friends and family have been encouraging me to turn my hobby into a work-from-home business. Now I'm in the development stage I guess and I'm trying to figure out how and who to market this sort of thing to. Basically I take everyday type of pictures and turn them into pictures like these:

This is my website if you want to see more examples:

So I was wondering if scrapbookers would like that sort of thing, or if I should explore other avenues. I do a little scrapbooking myself and I made a page around the picture of my baby girl above. But I thought I should ask a bigger scrapbooking audience what they thought. Your advice and honest opinions are very much appreciated!

Here's my scrapbook page, that I could really use advice on too Smile I am only a novice digital scrapbooker.

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For me, it depends. I scrapbook to have memories of events and things that happened. So in that sense, no, since it didn't really happen. But on the other hand it would be really cool to have a picture of my daughter as a fairy or one of my sons as a pirate- since that isn't likely to happen any time soon.

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i'm going to have to agree with PP.
for a keepsake, i think it's a great idea.
but for a scrapbook, probably not.
but i do love your work! very cute!!!

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I just wanted to say your work is great! Smile Something like this would be great as a keepsake but as a scrapbooking thing, maybe not so much Smile

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For me personally, I wouldn't be interested....for the same reasons as the others.
I scrapbook events and things that my SDs have done, places we've gone, etc. I think those are REALLY cute, and I'm sure others would be interested in that type of thing for other purposes besides scrapbooking......but for me, I wouldn't scrapbook that type of thing.

I hope you find your "audience" and that your business is a success! Smile

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I think your bigger market would be your works as framed art. Wink I saw your post over on the photo board, sorry I didn't reply (I lurk more than post there). But I think it's a great business opportunity!

You could totally market that to a daycare ... schedule a couple of days and photograph the kids there and sell them to the parents. (of course, you'd have to give the daycare a cut as they'd do it as a fundraiser of sorts, that's how I've seen it done here).

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Thanks for all the input! I kinda figured, especially since I only scrapbooked it because I made it Smile But I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'll have to try your idea coolmama Smile