Soooooo tired (OT)

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Soooooo tired (OT)

Someone please come to my office and file and answer phones for the day so I can go back to sleep. Patrick refused to go to sleep till 11:00 last night and then I woke up from 2-4:30 and my alarm went off at 5:45 and I am exhausted.

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oh man! i'm sorry. i hate that feeling. I'd trade ya if I could Lol i know the feeling though. DH insisted that DD go to bed early day before yesterday and well, we paid for it when she woke up super early the next morning. Like 5 a.m., she then woke the baby up. And I was so dead tired by 6-7 that night.

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Ugh! You wanna come watch the 4 kiddos I have here today?! Wink I'll answer your phone for you.

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I think we women deserve a day off, where we can sleep in all we want! I am dead tired too. I just want ONE night of un-interrupted sleep. I won't get that for a while though. Wink

Charys- why do you have 4 kids! :eek: I hope you are taking it easy for the rest of the day!

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Sorry you didn't get much sleep.That sucks.Wish I could help but I have to go to work tonight.. so ya.. blah..

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That sucks! Sad Hope you got a nap!

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