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I just wanted to drop a quick note and apologize that I am not around much. I knew this was going to happen and I tried to get a co-host set up 2 months ago. "Someone" Smile was all excited to be co-host and everything, but admin never got it set up (same problem on the other boards I host, admin is just too backed up). Anyway, I'm really trying to keep up on but we are still only halfway unpacked in our new place and we are still trying to get ready for Italy AND purchase another house (to rent out, not move again).

I miss you all. I appreciate that someone has been helping me with the stickies, etc. Thank you!!!!!!

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you sure have a lot going on! don't worry, no one is holding it against you. Wink good luck getting it all done, just pop on when you can.

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We totally understand! You are super busy. Take it easy and catch up when you can! Biggrin

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We understand Stephanie! Take it easy!

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we completly understand we miss you too!!
check in when you can