Sorry I have been MIA

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Sorry I have been MIA

I have just been feeling icky and tired so far this pregnancy. I haven't scrapped in....oh I don't even know how long:(
Other things have just taken the place. Working on the house, playing outside with the kiddos, and sleeping!

I'm hoping to at least check on you girls a little more even if I still don't get to scrap much.

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Welcome back Lena! I know what it's like to be busy! Glad to hear all is well,, great siggy pics!!

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Hope you get some energy back soon!

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I know how you feel, I didn't scrap at all during my pregnancy either! Hope you're feeling better soon!

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feel better soon. Did you ever try the unisom??? Or was that someone else I told?

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I totally hear ya! It's summer, and hard to stay on top of things here. Adding pregnancy to the mix definitely makes this board a low priority. Smile Anyhow, hope your energy increases.

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You just rest up and feel better! You'll be out of that first trimester soon and hopefully you'll start feeling better. Thanks for checking in. :bigarmhug: