Sorry I haven't been around

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Sorry I haven't been around

I can't seem to find a way to balance 3 kids and .. anything else LOL I haven't scrapped in weeks. I have barely had time to get birthday cards done. Blah. I will hopefully get it together soon.

Is anyone being crafty?

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Me neither, Angie! Me neither! And I only have 2 kids! 1 of which is attached to my hip 12 hours a day. I am making a play kitchen for my kids...and am sooooo close to being done! I just need to cut out some vinyl with my Cricut to put on the "oven" and "microwave". Vivian's scrapbook is still non-existant. We're having a joint birthday party for the kids next weekend so I've made a few things for that (banners, decorated some mason jars to hold silverware, etc). Oh! Also made a felt Christmas tree with some ornaments/presents (felt)...need to finish a few of the presents up. I'm going to hang it on the wall so the kids can decorate their own Christmas tree (thanks Pinterest!).

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Good to see you Angie! The board is too quiet when you aren't on here! Are those new pics of the kids in your siggy? Adorable!

too funny Ashley - I've been working on very similar things - Olivia's birthday party decor and the felt Christmas tree! I have gotten just a bit of scrapbooking done but as usual haven't taken pics yet! I'll try to this weekend!

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I mentioned it in the check in thread, but i haven't done much scrapping lately. Made scrabbled tile coasters for my grandma and mom for their birthdays, made altered canvases for FILs birthday (Forgot to take pics...but they were for his train room and had various sayings... all aboard, D&M railroad, etc.) Right now, I am crafting Christmas presents and Christmas decorations to give to MIL to attempt to sell at her open house the saturday after thanksgiving. I will take pics of those when they are done.

good to see some of you around here again!