sorry i haven't been chatting or posting much

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sorry i haven't been chatting or posting much

hey ladies..... sorry i haven't been chatting or posting much. i've been scrapbooking but in the middle of a million things. Got several LOs done for ds' book and i have several set up to work on. I've been trying to get online to comment etc.

This weekend turned out to be much busier than I originally thought. My parents took ds for fri night until sat night. But dh wanted to do a date night since with baby #2 coming soon we don't know how many we'll get in the upcoming months.... especially since we're busy with other things too. Then sat morn i woke up early to go to some great community yard sales in the area....and got some awesome stuff. Then I had to do some other shopping errands b4 we went house hunting again and then finally picked up ds. Now today I'm going to try and fit in more scrapbooking.... but sometimes the beautiful weather beats that out. I'll see if I can post some LOs later but I need to create a flickr acct as well.

hope you all are doing well and having a great weekend, whether it's scrapbooking or just enjoying family/life.


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totally understand Brittany! I feel like I've been scarce this crop too! Life is always going and going eh?
Love to see what you pics if you get a chance! Smile