Sorry I've been MIA

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Sorry I've been MIA

It's been so busy with holiday preparation that I haven't had much time to post. I do sneak peeks at the posts but don't often get to reply.

I have most things done for Christmas, but still have some gifts to wrap and tons of cookies to bake!

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and share a few of my new cards (using my cricut:))

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Wow, bunches of cards! They look great!

Hope you take some time to enjoy the holidays!!!!!!

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The 50th birthday card and the one with the 3 green birthday hats are my two favorites! Love them all! Great job.
And don't feel bad...this is such a busy time for all of us around the holidays.

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they look great. you have been busy!
happy holidays!!!

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Wow! Super cricut jealousy here. Smile Those are all so good. TFS

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Great cards! You are making me antsy for my cricut!!!!

Enjoy yours holidays Smile

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Looks like you have good reason to me MIA nice work.

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Great cards! Have a great holiday!

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those are all really nice. thanks for sharing ... gives me some ideas.